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or reverence your husband the way that the church reverences christ. none of us do those things perfectly. so we all fail. when you say, you're making jesus lord it doesn't mean that you're saying god, i'll... i'll never be wrong again. i'm going to serve you and obey everything you say. but you have to be willing to do that. you have to be desiring to follow him and to trust in him completely and quit trusting in yourself. so you have to be willing to make him lord and you have to believe in your heart that god has raised him from the dead. you know, i was over in ireland one time, or excuse me. this was in wales. it was on a trip where i went to ireland. but actually we were in wales, in betws-y-coed, wales and we had a group of people with us and we were... don francisco was singing with his guitar and drawing a crowd and then we had people that were on this tour that were going through the crowd and talking to people about
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their relationship with the lord and trying to get them to commit their lives to the lord and i just happened to be standing there and i heard one of the guys behind me witnessing to a woman and he says, you need to be born again and she didn't understand what being born again was. so he tried to explain it and she says well, what do i have to do? and he quoted this verse and he says you have to confess with your mouth the lord jesus, and believe in your heart that god hath raised him from the dead and you shall be saved. and this woman told him and says, i don't believe jesus did rise from the dead. i believe he was a good man but i believe he was a man. he died and he's dead. i don't believe jesus is alive from the dead, and this man who was trying to witness to her, he says well, just say it. you don't have to believe it. just say it, and he was so intent on trying to get her to repeat a prayer after him that it didn't matter whether she believed it or not. just say these words and it will work for you, and i stopped him... i turned around right then and i stopped him
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and i said, you know, this is not right. you do have to believe it. this says in the next verse... i'm going to come back to verse 9 but he says, "for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." this is saying that you have to believe this in your heart and speak it with your mouth. it's not one or the other. it's not just you repeating a prayer and if you will say these words they're magic and instantly you receive relationship with god. no, you have to say it, but then you have to also believe it with your heart. it's a combination of the two. see, if you don't believe with your heart the things that you're saying with your mouth then it loses its power. but when you say it with your mouth and believe in your heart is when the power is released. so back to verse 9... you have to make jesus your lord. you have to confess with your mouth that jesus is your lord. you are yielding to him and trusting his righteousness. not yours. you have to believe with your heart that god raised him from the dead
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and that implies many things but one of those things is that he wasn't just human. this was god manifest in the flesh as it says in 1 timothy, chapter 3, verse 16, great is the mystery of godliness: god was manifest in the flesh. the only time god was ever manifest in the flesh was in the flesh of jesus. jesus was god. the angels worshipped him and proclaimed him lord at his birth in luke, chapter 1 and chapter 2. and so you have to believe that he was raised from the dead implying that he is god. he's...jesus himself said, i have power in myself to come back from the dead. god gave him this authority and power and he overcame death. it says in 1 corinthians, chapter 15 that if christ isn't risen, then your faith is void and you are yet in your sins. the resurrection from the dead is the proof that everything jesus taught was true.
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jesus is alive today and if you don't believe that, and if you just somehow or another come to christianity and you're going to make jesus an example, but you aren't going to make him god who conquered death and is alive and is seated at the right hand of god, and comes and lives on the inside of a person... if you don't accept him as being god risen from the dead, you cannot be saved. you have to believe with your heart that god raised him from the dead and if you do that... if you make him your lord... trust in what he did for you and believe he is god, risen from the dead, and is now reigning, jesus is lord of all, then you shall be saved. it's that simple. do you know the thief on the cross... he reviled jesus and mocked him, but then he saw jesus turn around in mercy and say father, forgive them; for they know not what they do and he saw so much god in jesus that he finally said lord, remember me
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when you come into your kingdom. he didn't have time to go join church... to be water baptized... to dedicate himself... to start studying the bible... to pray an hour a day... to do any of these things. he just called out and said lord, have mercy upon me... remember me when you come into your kingdom. by doing that... by calling him lord, he did what this says right here... he made jesus his lord. he recognized his superiority and he humbled himself and received what jesus was doing for him and he believed and because of that jesus said today you will be with me in paradise, and you know what? that man received because he did these things. it's not based on your performance. it's just based on you making him lord and believing in your heart god raised him from the dead and you shall be saved. for with the heart man believes unto righteousness... it comes through the heart and through belief not through performance, and with the mouth
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confession is made unto salvation. you have to believe what you say you believe in your heart enough that you act on it. you don't have to be perfect in it but you do have to act on it. faith without works is dead. you know, there's probably some people watching this program right now say you're unraveling everything you're saying. you're saying it's just about a matter of faith... believing on jesus and if you believe, you receive and now you're saying, you got to act on it and you got to speak it with your mouth. which is it? it's both but that's not a contradiction. it's just that you have to believe something strong enough that it's not just a mental assent, but it is something you really believe and if you really believe it, you will act on it. you know, if you were here with me right now... if there was a group of people right here and if i came running in and i said, the building is on fire! we're all going to die! we got to get out of here now! if you said that you believed that and if you could just sit there and say well i believe andrew. i don't believe andrew would
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lie to me. i believe that the building is on fire. i'm going to die, if i don't get out of here and yet you sit there, then you don't really believe what i say. you might mouth those words but if you really believed that your life was in danger, it would motivate you to act. now there can be different actions. some people might scream. some people might panic. some people might faint. other people might try to put the fire out. other people might run, and you know there could be different reactions. but if you really believe something, there is going to be accompanying action. it's not the action that saves you. it's faith that saves you and that's the point that paul had been making throughout the entire book of romans. but now he says you've got to believe this from the heart to the degree that you're willing to confess it with your mouth. you got to act on it. so there is a...there is a relationship between your actions and your belief, but it is your belief
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that saves you, not your actions. but if you truly believe something, there needs to be accompanying actions. in verse 11 it says, "for the scripture saith, whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed." in verse 12 "for there is no difference between the jew and the greek: for the same lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. for whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved." notice he didn't say whosoever will promise that you'll never sin again... that will promise that you're going to change... that you'll never do this... whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord, and it's implied in this context, in faith enough that you're willing to confess it with your mouth, you shall be saved. you know, i'm convinced that there's people watching this program all around the world... we have access to 3.2 billion people through all
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of the television networks that we have. i know that not all of those people watch it, but if you just took a fraction of that... if you only took 10%! i don't know what percent actually watch, but if you say 10%, that's 320 million. if it was one percent, that's 32 million people and i can guarantee you, out of all of those people, there are people who have not done what we are talking about right here. you are still trusting in your own goodness. you know, here's an example that will help you to understand what i'm talking about. if somehow or another you could imagine that you died right this moment and if you went and stood before god and if god was to come up to you and says what makes you worthy to enter into heaven? the only answer that would gain you access is nothing i've done makes me worthy, but i made jesus my lord. i have a savior, and it's because of my faith in him that i believe that i will enter into heaven.
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that's the only answer that would get you into heaven. if you started saying but wait! i...i...i...i'm a good person and i've paid my tithes. see my attendance stickers? and you could give your giving record and if you start pointing to what you do and start saying, but i've done this and i've done this. i believe that i should be welcomed into heaven. then you know what? you would be rejected because your faith is in yourself. you are basing it on a works... a law righteousness, not a faith righteousness. see these verses say, whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord in faith trusting what jesus did, you shall be saved. man, that's powerful! and it says, how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe of him whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? in verse 15. and how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings
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of good things! but they have not all obeyed the gospel. for isaiah said, lord, who hath believed our report? in other words, you got to share the truth with people for them to be able to receive. but just because you share the truth doesn't mean they're instantly going to receive. even isaiah prophesied and said not everyone is going to believe and receive. verse 17... so then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of god. faith comes through hearing the truth. jesus said in john, chapter 8, verse 32, you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. truth doesn't make you free, period. it's the truth you know that makes you free. if you don't hear the truth, you cannot have faith to believe and receive. faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of god and that's the reason that i go to so much effort teaching and you know i'm not here to compare myself with other people. i'm just trying to explain how important i believe that this is
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and this is why that within seconds of our program coming on you hear me teaching. we don't go through all of these introductions and show you all these other things. our program is devoted by and large... the vast, vast, vast majority of it... to just teaching the word and then when we give things at the end of the program it's because i believe that you could get more benefit out of these materials when you could sit down and study it in depth and go into even more detail than i've done. so really the whole program is just about trying to get the word... truth to people because it's the truth that sets people free and yet i believe that there is a lot of people today that you know again, i'm not here... i'm not anybody's judge. i can barely take care of myself much less other people. but as i flip through the television and watch other people there's many other ministers that it's all smoke and mirrors, they're showing things
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and they're... they're doing things and i wonder why in the world are you even on television? you aren't preaching the word! it's the word that's going to set people free. faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word. this is why it is so important for us to go. you know, this is why we spend so much effort putting all of this effort into our charis bible college because we are just saturating people in the word of god. do i claim that i understand everything perfectly? do i claim that i've got the only revelation on god that there is? no, but i can guarantee you what i do know has totally transformed my life and has transformed the lives of other people and to the best of my ability i'm trying to instill the things that have worked for me and have shown me the goodness of god into other people and as we do it we see the word just transforming them just like this says. faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of god and so this is the reason we put such an emphasis
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on the word. this is why that's our total focus. i know that there's some people that think i'm over-zealous with the word. i've had some people criticize me and say man, you just are too strict and too... adhering to the word too much. i don't think you can be too committed to the word of god. man, this is the truth! jesus said in john 17:17, the words that i speak unto you they are truth and so we've got to speak the truth, the word of god, and it's only the truth we know that is going to set us free and so i'm just focused on this. this is why i've taught on this book of romans is because paul taught truths here that have literally changed the world. i told you over in romans, chapter 3 that it was romans, chapter 3, i believe verse 28 that sparked the protestant reformation and has made a huge impact on the world. the industrial revolution... the renaissance...
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all of these kind of things were sparked by the gospel, setting people free from the religious traditions and bondage that the church had fallen into during the middle ages. it has transformed the world and yet we need another gospel revolution. we need another reformation because the church today isn't preaching this same gospel and so i'm putting this truth out there and sharing these things believing that this could just totally, totally transform your life. it certainly has mine and so this is what paul is talking about. if you are one of those today that as we've studied through the book of romans, you just come to the place you know what, i'm not sure that if god was to ask me what makes me worthy... i'm not sure i would point to jesus. i think maybe i would probably start trying to justify myself and talk about my own goodness. you know, if that's you, then either you aren't saved or if you've been saved, you're like paul talked about in the book of galatians...
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you've turned back unto this legalism and you need to get back to where your faith is only in jesus. i tell you this is a critical area. this is something... there is a lot of people today i believe that are proclaiming that they're christians. they think they're christians and they aren't. if you were to ask them what makes them worthy they would immediately point to themself. their faith is not in jesus. it is in a law-righteousness, not in a faith-righteousness and i'm telling you that that's useless. either you aren't born again and you need to truly be born again or if you are born again, you've returned... you know, like the scripture talks about the dog that returns to its vomit. you've gone back to the very thing that jesus redeemed you from and that's the reason that things aren't working in your life. i'm not saying any of these things to hurt people, but i'm saying it to tell you the truth. it's the truth that sets you free, but it's only the truth you know that sets you free. there is a deception in people today thinking that they're okay
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with god because they are a relatively moral person. i'm telling you god doesn't accept you based on your relative goodness to anybody else. all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of god. you need a savior and these verses that i've read today are how you accept that savior. you just confess him as your lord. you put faith in what he did. you believe he is raised from the dead... that he is god almighty, seated at the right hand of god the father and if you believe and confess with your mouth, you will be saved, separate from your holiness and any worthiness. you just accept it as a gift! man, that's good news! i don't know why anybody fights against that except religious people. they feel like you're say... you're taking away from me all of my goodness. i'm saying when it comes to your relationship with god that goodness isn't worth anything. you' may look good compared to me or somebody else, but compared to god we've all sinned and come short
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of the glory of god. if you've been living a holy life and doing everything right there is benefit to that as far as your relationship to people and as far as limiting satan's inroad into your life. but it could become the stumbling stone that literally keeps you from having relationship with god. your own goodness could be the thing that is holding you back from just putting total faith in what jesus did. you may be thinking that you only need a little bit of help from jesus. i'm telling you, you need it all or nothing at all. it's either you or jesus but not a combination of the two and that's actually good news because i can promise you regardless of how good you think you are, you aren't good enough. you need a savior. you know as i've said, this is the end of my series on this, and so we're going to be.... this is be my last day to offer these product. i encourage you to get them. but also i believe that there are people all over the world that have heard the truth
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and are now ready to put your faith in jesus. you could humble yourself and pray right now and receive salvation as a gift and not as a reward for your goodness. man, that's important. you know, i pray that right now you just would pray something similar to this. father, i'm sorry for my sin. i believe jesus died to forgive my sin. i believe that you raised him from the dead. i now confess him as my lord. jesus, i make you lord over my life. i trust you and what you've done and i receive salvation as a gift. you don't have to say those exact words, but if you say something similar to that and mean it from your heart, you could be born again. you know, i would like to encourage you to call the number on your screen. not only will the people that answer the phone help give you these materials if you'll request them, but they'll also pray with you and help you to know for sure that your faith is in jesus
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take a healing journey with the mcdermott family. healing journeys, volume 4 now available on dvd >> at as you can tell, i'm not in our studio today, but instead, we are up in woodland park, colorado at the place that i have named "the sanctuary". and we're in the process of building a charis bible college facility, and i am just convinced that this is what god has led me to do. i spent four hours today ministering in our charis bible college and i tell you, it's... it's exciting. i had a number of people come up to me and just tell about how this had just totally changed their life. and we see this happen every single day. so i am committed to taking the things that god has shown me and putting it into this bible college, and so this is the first step. and i believe that together we are going to get it done and god is going to be changing people's lives.
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>> now is the time to call, write, or go to our web site to join our family of ministry supporters. no one else can fill your place. our helpline workers are waiting for your call. if the line is busy, write the number down and call again later. andrew is appealing to those of you who have been touched by this ministry to help him build this building debt free. if the lord has used andrew to touch your life, he is asking you to respond financially and help him build this building and equip thousands of new ministers with the good news gospel. this is laying the foundation for a gospel revolution which we pray will shake the body of christ. the bottom line is that this goal is within reach for all of us. don't miss your opportunity to become a world changer >> today.
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>> announcer: the following program is paid for by the friends and partners of joyce meyer ministries. [music] >> joyce: well, i am really glad that you have joined us today because i believe today is gonna be a special program. you know, there's lots of different needs that people have, but one of the needs that people seem to have a lot, and a lot of people have this need, is a need for physical healing.
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i wonder, even today as i talk to you, how many of you have pain somewhere in your body or you have some kind of disease, some kind of sickness, maybe it's something that you're taking medicine for that's helping you. maybe it's something that you haven't found the answer for yet, but i have some really good news for you today. jesus can heal you everywhere you hurt. and you know something? i didn't know that for a lot of years in my life. i went to church for many years. i loved god. i knew that jesus had died for me and that, through receiving him as my savior, that i could go to heaven when i died. but i didn't really understand that god cared about every single part of me, not just the spiritual part, but he cares about your mind, your emotions, your physical body. the bible says in 3 john 2, "beloved, i would above all else that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." now i love that. that means that god's concerned
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about my financial life. he wants me to have my needs met. he wants you to have your needs met. he's concerned about your soul. he wants you to grow spiritually and he's also concerned about your physical body. i don't believe that it's god's best for us to constantly feel bad, to have no energy and to be in pain all the time. so i want to take time today on the program, and we have a studio audience here that has joined us to just encourage us a long the way. i want to talk to you today and get you to begin to release your faith for god to heal you physically in your body because i think a lot of people don't know that he wants to. i want to say again, jesus can heal you everywhere that you hurt. now even if you're going to the doctor, even if you're taking medicine, you still need to include god by believing that he can work through the doctor or he can work through the medicine. you know, i believe that all of medical knowledge that the world
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has gained, it's all very helpful and a lot of us would probably be dead if it wasn't for that, but the truth is they got that knowledge from god. so to leave him out, i think, is wrong. you know, i'm going to the doctor next monday for something, but i've already prayed, "god, if you want to work through this doctor, then you work through her, but i know that it's gotta be you and not just her." and i believe that many of you are gonna get much better results in your life if you'll make sure that you pray and let god know that you're trusting him and not just a human instrument or a pill to take care of you. now, isaiah 53:4-5 teaches us that "jesus has borne our griefs, our (sicknesses, our weaknesses, and our distresses) and carried our sorrows and the pain [of our punishment], yet we [ignorantly] considered him stricken, smitten, and afflicted by god [as if with leprosy]. but he was wounded f o


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